Close Wander
Sometimes I walk with my camera and take pictures with nothing in mind.

Cloud Forest Gardens
Kitchen gardens found in the fragile land of the Ecuadorian Andes, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, are often stressed by poverty and population growth. The tension is worth our attention.

As Above So Below
Located at high elevations in the Northern Andes, the paramo is an austere glacier-formed grassland of breathtaking beauty. It has long been the home of unnoticed indigenous communities who have grazed livestock and cultivated tubers.

Endless Margins in the Middle of Nowhere
The photographs that form this body of work record countless pedestrian facades that build the margins of no place in particular.

Plain Sense
The poem ‘The Plain Sense of Things’ by Wallace Stevens inspired me to look closely at the ‘blank cold,’ and contend with ‘the absence of the imagination.’

Plant-based Roaming
Aimless walks with a small camera have resulted in thousands of photographs of plants within familiar environments.

Plants of Virginia
The images in this series were made at the University of Virginia Mountain Lake Biological Station Library. They are unaltered copies of specimens preserved between sheets of newspapers in the 1940 and 50s.

Sheep Pasture Gardens
The Sheep Pasture Gardens are community vegetable gardens in Easton, MA. Some plots appeared to be therapeutic hobbies, and not essential for food—the forgotten and decaying vegetation became my subject matter.

Still Life
These dry and whimsical constructed images were made with domestic objects and are intentionally open-ended self-referential narratives.